Writing with Impact; Promoting Christ, Compassion, and Charity

Engaging the Masses

Does it sometimes feel like the world is tuning out the messages they most need to hear?
Or maybe they “hear” it, but your heart is to see lives actually transformed by it…
Is it still possible for our words to have impact with messages of Christ, Compassion, and Charity?


Until Jesus calls us all home, our mission is to live loud…advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and fueling hearts for the long haul with compassion and charity.

There is hope! The messages and missions within our hearts can have impact!

I, similarly to Paul in Philippians 1:2-7, want to encourage you with declarations of Grace and Peace, and remind you that God, who began the good work in each of us, will continue to carry it out until completion until the day of Christ’s return.

Have faith, stand strong in your vision and message, and let’s work together to transform the world, to the glory of God!

Sara Kennerley; Freelance Writer
3C Content Creation
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