3C Content Creation

My Role: Teaming with Non-Profits, Christian, and Cause Market Organizations to Maximize their Impact with Power-Packed, Effective Writing.

Newsletters: Keep your readers up-to-date on your organization’s impact with captivating highlights and stories of real life inspiration. Monthly, quarterly, bi-weekly, whatever your intended timeline, I’m here to engage your readers and draw them into who you are as a company and why you do what you do.

Magalogs: Combining features of magazines and catalogues, bring your vision to life and share your heart with visual eloquence. I can aid in the design and write the script that will captivate the vision of your readers and confidently air the professional tone of your organization.

Advertorials: Combining advertising technique and editorials, strategically style some persuasion towards your desired call to action into detailed, informative articles that benefit your reader. I’d love to create advertorials for your organization, with content that matters and highlighted action that makes a difference in our world.

Email, Content and Calendar Creation: Connect with your members/subscribers and reach new audiences with conversational mail delivered to their inbox, making use of promotional opportunities with skilled, direct, and professional language. For ongoing, goal-oriented funnel mail, have a calendar created and your desired messages pre-written, automated to go out on desired timelines. Allow me the honor of preparing the emails that will inspire action and drive your business goals ahead.

Blogging, Content and Calendar Creation: Blogging is still hot these days! Pass along great content to keep your audience tuned into the messages at the heart of your organization, with the added benefit of comments/dialogue to promote relationship with your readers. Calendar creation keeps your content organized and the flow of information efficient and effective. I’m a blogger at heart, and love to apply organization to make life flow easier. I’d love to team up with you to inspire and promote your message through blogs.

White Papers: Want to promote a new opportunity to illicit support and teamwork with your business goals? A white paper, also known as a sales sheet, is a one-page wonder that can deliver the power-packed punch you need with professional, persuasive tone. I’ve got the time and skill to deliver a white paper that will bring in your desired response.

Brochures: Planning to host a gathering and needing to advertise your content? A brochure is a great take-away to pass along your organizations highlights, calls to action, and contact information. I’d love to create eye-catching, professional brochures for you to hand out with pride.

E Books, Ghostwriting Services: E Books are hugely popular these days and can be a source of long-term income and/or a marketing tool to promote your business, all with the benefit of no costs to print and store pages of finished work. Looking to share more helpful content to your audience but don’t have the time or desire to write pages of succinct, creative content. Let me ghostwrite your document, knowing the finished product will be a diamond to call your own.

Testimonials: People love stories. It’s how we relate to each other and our world. Testimonials build relationships between your audience and your message, and also trust that the services you provide are powerful tools that they’d like to team up with. Allow me the pleasure of interviewing your sources and writing their stories to impact your market.

Proofreading: Having a second pair of eyes look over content before publishing is a key factor in excellence and establishes the professional nature of your message. I have a keen eye for detail and can provide essential proofreading services to ensure your message is proficient, polished, and ultimately impactful!

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