A Holy Moment for a Heavy Heart

The silent scream vibrates off my larynx
The earth shakes
But no one sees
No one hears

The stubborn staccato of my heartbeat betrays me
And unvoiced anguish spills over

Puddles of salty disgrace
Littering the table top as I sit
And tremble

I look for comfort
I plead for understanding arms of love

But the hum of white noise grows louder
And the intoxication of my feeble frame
Threatens to capsize the freedom I’ve found

How long, Oh Lord?
How long till you rescue this faint-hearted follower?

I’ve tasted and seen of your promises
You are faithful and true to your Word

Sojourning in deluged depravity
My eyes strain to see your salvation
As I stare bleakly
Through the foggy windowpane ahead

How long, Oh Lord?
How long till you redeem this sin-stained earth
And raise me up on wings like eagles?

The overwhelm has melted into mindless melancholy
As I sit
Still trembling

Then I see it
The wind rustling through the leaves of the trees
And I find rest in the remembrance:
Holy Spirit is alive and moving
Right here
Right now

Billows of Power
And Self-Discipline
As I surrender my lack for His strength

You have not left me Comfortless
I am not an orphan
Trudging this narrow road

The snares abound
But your Word is a lamp to my feet
A light to my path

Deception lurks
But your truth sets me free from
The roaring lion’s lips

I watch the branches swaying
They are rooted and established
That tree will not be shaken

Nor will I

My mourning has turned into laughter
The joy of the Lord is my strength
As I rise to fight the good fight of faith

Confident assurance resounds
Like a heavenly chorus of sunshine
Breaking through the clouds

Your goodness and mercy will follow me
All the days of my life
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever

One Comment

  • Stephen Denny

    Just remember the joy comes in the morning
    And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord: it shall rejoice in his salvation.
    Psalm 35:9

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