• Poetry

    The Eye of the Storm

    The pauseAn eerie calm heralding hopeOf normalcy The vigorAn absence of fear and pursuitOf fun The eye of the storm has ensconcedBut do not be fooled! Waves of havoc are waiting in the windReady to steal, kill, and destroyWith a…

  • Poetry

    She Stands

    She standsSinging the new song within her heartHearing the Word, alive and active,Calling her on in steadfastnessAnd truth She standsHumming the rhythms of heavenPulsing with confident assuranceFastening her armor, and wieldingHer sword She seesPillow-y clouds turn thick and greyWind-tickled trees…

  • Poetry

    When the Tears Stall

    Staring off into space, alone at lastI wonder why I feel this way, heavy and overcastSometimes I’m soaring on wings of graceSometimes I’m sunk in the mire My Deliverance is but a breath awayYet I sitAnd waitExpecting moreLike thunder and…

  • Abundant Life,  Poetry

    The Peculiar Sword

    The sky is a blanket of cotton candy cloudsSparkling with specks of sunshineAs I break forth The shale path crunches beneath my feetRude red rocks pilfering the melody of mountain chickadeesI continue ahead My hands tense and twitch, the torment…

  • Poetry

    The Watchman’s Cry

    In Ezekial 33:1-9, we read of the prophet as a watchman over Israel. God sets the stage for observation of and deliverance from evil at the hand of one stationed in truth, eyes open, and voice ready to cry out.

  • Abundant Life,  Poetry

    Cast Your Burden

    Cast your burden on the LORD,and he will sustain you;he will never permitthe righteous to be moved. – Psalm 55:22 ESV What does it mean—cast your cares on the Lord? Give them away? But they’re not tangible. How do I…

  • Abundant Life,  Poetry

    The Tears Fall

    The tears fall Drops of sorrow, leaking from my heart. The tears fall Joy uncontained, overflowing from my heart. The tears fall And try as I may to reconcile Their audacious presence I succumb. Can I rest therein, believing every…

  • Abundant Life,  Poetry


    The shouts of praise Spill from hearts who know – Their Savior is here! Their Lord is alive! Their hope is restored! Once riding a donkey Soon a white horse. Here now, residing in hearts that worship Their Humble King…

  • Sinking Sand

    Sinking Sand

    The sinking sand surrounds Sweeping away the souls of many Carrying them Down Down Down In a torrent of fear and despair. Yet I look up And I hear the cry from heaven: Oh you of little faith! Turn your…

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