Finding Freedom

The arrows sunk deep
Piercing my heart with words
               of death.

When set to steal, kill, and destroy
               is there hope for joy?

My strength fails!
Trembling to stand…
Aching to breathe…

I cry out in faith
Complicated by unruly emotion
               and physical distress.

Oh my soul,
               so tempest-tossed!

Why inhale such toxin?
Why let the wound fester?

When living water,
               words of life,
Flow freely from the fountain
               of the Most High God…

Living water

Spirit-led, divine power
               to demolish strongholds.
Unfailing love
               to tenderly heal.

Oh my soul,
               so wantonly wounded!

Choose this day whom you will serve!
Make your boast in the Lord!

Nothing can separate you
               from the love of God.

No. Thing.
Not even pain-filled
               words of death.

If God is for you,
               these words of death cannot stand.
If God is for you,
               fruit will follow.

Hold fast to the Promise!

Be established in Truth!
               in Hope!
               in Peace!

Be established in words of life:

Do not let your heart be troubled
I will never leave you or forsake you.

The Lord God is a sun and shield;
The Lord bestows favor and honor,
No good thing does He withhold
                from those who walk uprightly.

Oh my soul,
            so unshakeable by faith!

I have set the Lord always before me;
Because He is at my right hand I will not be moved
Therefore my heart is glad, my spirit rejoices
my flesh also dwells secure

I am set free from words of death.

And whom the Son sets free,
            is free indeed.

One Comment

  • Stephen Denny

    The enemy whispered those words of death in my ear as well yesterday. It was truly a spiritual battle but was one by Christ however I’m not ignorant that he won’t be back

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