From Faltering to Faith

She stands in the sunlight smiling
Delighting herself in the Lord
Helmet on, belt and breastplate fastened
Shield clasped, swinging her sword

The sword breathes out words of His love for her
Confident assurance breeding unspeakable joy
She whistles along to the heavenly song
Unaware of the enemy’s ploy

The wind picks up speed from behind her
Billowing sand in a chaotic display
She spins at the sudden commotion
Dropping her shield along the way

The sand is inhaled accidentally
She sputters to spew it all out
Like a whirlwind of angst her head is deluded
By anxiety, fear, and doubt

She cries out in distress and disorder
Still slobbery, with tear-stained eyes
Her sword feels unnecessarily cumbersome now
Just toss it aside, she decides

The wind is relentlessly blowing
A new round of torment it brings
She stumbles and crumbles and trips on a stone
Uttering all sorts of loathsome things

From the pavement she looks up and wonders
Where did that come from, and why?
Not minutes before she was praising her Lord
Now solemn, tormented, awry

Her shield and sword are an arms length away
Yet hopelessly too far to claim
All the while the wind still hastens its spree
Whipping despondence and stinging shame

Prostrate, her belt and breastplate are pinching
She loosens them, I just need to breathe
Her head pounds a pressure no doubt from the wind
Get this helmet off too, she seethes

Emptied of her armor she shudders
The air is piercing, bitterly cold
She strains to remember her purpose, the Promise
Dizzied by a hopeless choke-hold

A whisper is all she can manage
But a whisper is more than enough
Give me strength, I’m undone and defeated
I’ve made a mess of this moment so rough

Angel armies come charging in an instant
Halting the wind in one fell swoop
Holy terror melts her, face to the ground
Then she feels it, a hand from the troop

Looking up she breathes with a wince
Am I finished, set here to die?
Have no fear, child of God you’re Beloved
All of heaven has heard your faint cry

Be strengthened by grace now, arise
Though you faltered, you’ve been set free
Armor up, for the battle is not over
Though the war was won victoriously

Keep singing your songs of rejoicing
Keep swinging your sword unashamed
Your shield of faith is your defense, assuredly
Truth upholds you, now righteously acclaimed

She was strengthened, completely restored
Rising, as commanded to do
Then the heavenly aide dispersed with a flash
Amplifying the sunshine-y view

She steps forth assured of her calling
Beloved, unfailingly so
Come what may, wind or wave, she’ll remain unfeigned
Faith-filled, and eager to show

The wonder of the Lord to the rest of the world
As light in the darkness, as salt
Faith, hope, and love will remain as pillars of truth
And His great name she will seek to exalt


  • Stephen Denny

    This definitely ministered to me.
    My soul is undone of the evil that has been set before me. The depths at which Satan will go to destroy you is unfathomable. However I know that God’s love is infinite. And he will hear my cry and deliver me from the grip of Satan’s hold, as I keep my faith upon his deliverance power.

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