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Good News Glasses

Recently digging into a new book, “Risen Motherhood” by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler, there’ve been a few lines really jumping off the page and settling into my spirit.

“…motherhood is made up of a million tiny moments of worship. All of life is about growing in Christlikeness, sharing God’s love, and seeing Christ’s kingdom established here on Earth.”

“…we remember that we’re part of a greater story. We just have to filter our world through the proper lens.”

Hmm. Tiny moments of worship surrounding me at every moment? Proper lenses? Sounds like a poem in the making…


Blurry vision plagues me

As I look around and go about my day.

My impaired vision keeps me


Banging into walls…

Tripping on clutter…

And adding bruises to my already scarred body.

Amidst the crashing chaos

I hear a still, small voice say:

“Look Up Child!

You know the Good News of My Gospel!

You are stumbling, but here –

Put on these Good News Glasses.

They will sharpen your vision

So you can see Me in each moment of your day.

Put them on each morning, don’t remove them till night.

And I promise you:

Hope will Increase!

Joy will Overflow!

Mundane will become Extraordinary!

Because the Good News of My Gospel

Offers Abundant Life.

You are Redeemed.

You are Precious.

You are Made with Purpose.

You are More than the labels of this world.

And I –

I am Almighty.

I am Faithful.

I am Good.

I am All Your Heart Needs.

And I love you with an Everlasting Love.

Through the lenses of your Good News Glasses

The bigger picture of my bigger plan

Will offer light and crisp beauty

To replace the blurry, dull vision

You are prone to in this world.”

So I’ve put on my Good News Glasses

And true to His word I see:

My days come alive.

Laughter shakes the spot where weariness sat.

Excitement and Ideas push aside the “blahs”.

Love is floating in the air where heaviness lurked.

And my heart finds fullness again.

Maybe this sounds like a goofy phrase. I kind of like it anyway, and maybe that’s because I myself am just a bit “goofy”. BUT – I love the truth behind it.

I pray that its a truth that nudges hearts and encourages each of us in our faith. And maybe – just maybe – we can all rock the Good News Glasses together, witnessing our Heavenly Father and the Good News of His Gospel alive in our days, and turning mundane moments into worship-filled moments instead. 🙂

(Quotes found on Page 27 of Risen Motherhood by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler, Copyright 2019, Published by Harvest House Publishers.)

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