Nuggets of Wisdom - Short and Sweet

On Moving Mountains…

I’ll admit it: last night I was ready to give up hope.
A heart cry I’ve had for years was going unmet, and I didn’t understand why.
Wasn’t it God’s will?

In my anger, I sent a text. My last “hurrah” before throwing in the towel.
And then, God moved the mountain!

I’m still trying to work out the “how”. Was it completely miraculous?
And what does that mean, beyond being “impossible for man”?

Aha. God moves by His Spirit, that same Spirit living in us by faith in Christ.

In the face of impossibility, it’s in submitting to the Spirit—denying the flesh—that victorious possibility springs forth!

Last night, I was ready to fly further flares of offense. But somewhere along the way, I chose hearing and repenting instead. The long-locked door swung open!

Believe, and See! God’s not done moving yet. Are we willing to surrender and witness His glory?

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