Finding Flowers, Book One in Series: Confessions of a Pain-filled Glory-gazer
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The Renovated Mind
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A Good Enough Story, (My Story!)
She Writes for Him: Stories of Living Hope (Contributing Author)
Clothed in Christ,
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Finding Flowers is a delightful tale rich with biblical truth and authentic faith. In Mila’s search for God, her faith becomes active and alive as she finds grace in the difficult, painful places of life made worse by fibromyalgia. Through the pages of this story the reader will identify with Mila’s struggle and questions of and for God. She will walk away with newfound knowledge of seeing God at work in everyday moments, finding His goodness even in the difficult places. The reader may also find herself becoming a glory-gazer. Just saying.

Nan Jones, speaker, bible study teacher, and award winning author of The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife

In Finding Flowers, Sara Kennerley reveals that hope and joy can bloom in even the hardest circumstances. A story with heart-stopping action, a character to cheer for, and challenges we can all relate to, Finding Flowers will inspire readers to be the hands and feet of God in a lonely world.

Susan Reimer, author of the Forged in Flames series

Good Enough Story is a perfect example of God’s unconditional love, grace, and mercy. There is no pit too deep or dark that our Savior will not reach down into and extend His healing arms to lift us up and out and set us on a firm foundation.

Sara’s story is an amazing testimony of God’s rescue, restoration, and redemption. He has fulfilled His promises to her to give her hope and a future. God has blessed her with an amazing family of her own. Sara lives in abundant joy and peace. The peace only God can provide. 

“We are all princesses and princes in Abba’s Kingdom.” May we all have eyes to discern and heart’s willing to sit with those in need. We are worthy. We are loved.

Beloved, His grace is sufficient for each one of us. Embrace Him. You are enough!

Tracy Michaud, Author of Broken and Blessed

A Good Enough Story is a striking testimony of the redemptive work that God has done in Sara’s life which draws the reader deeper into God’s heart for each of us with poetic eloquence and foundational biblical concepts. Sara’s story calls us to see each of our stories in light of the gospel of grace, and bids us to grasp who God says we are and walk into all He’s created us to be.”

Rev. Dr. Daniel Zopoula, Lead Pastor of The Miz City Church, CEO of Bridges of Hope

“Some scars are visible and present for the world to see. Most scars are hidden deep within us as we pretend we are okay. Sara shows us both in this hard journey of discovering of who she really is in light of God and His grace. Her poetic prose and heartfelt writing of childhood angst and bullying touches the heart of every person who remembers their own past. Where most of us find our footing, Sara goes deeper into her own mind of perfection and failure, becoming her own judge and jury. God walks beside Sara through it all, never giving up on her. You won’t put this book down until you walk through the victory with her. I pray this book helps us to ask more questions, listen more, pray mightily, and be there for children and adults that may struggle with these same issues.”

Phylis Mantelli, speaker, coach, co-host of the Podcast 24 Carat Conversations, author of Unmothered: Life with a Mom Who Couldn’t Love Me

Resume writing is not my strength. Sara took the headache out of it for me. She brought formal insight and clarity while being creative and fun. Confidence was high when delivering the resume to potential work opportunities.

I’m happy to say that with Sara’s help and experience, the resume was written and delivered within 24 hours. If it was left up to me, I’d still be brainstorming for clever ideas 3 days in.

Krista Klemick

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