Sinking Sand

Sinking Sand

The sinking sand surrounds

Sweeping away the souls of many

Carrying them




In a torrent of fear and despair.

Yet I look up

And I hear the cry from heaven:

Oh you of little faith!

Turn your eyes away,

Lest the sinking sand captivate

And consummate your alliance

Apart from the one true Lover of your Soul.

Come to the Rock, the firm foundation!

Find rest from your striving.

The sinking sand will not surrender

It glories in the cries and chaos

It seeks to steal, kill, and destroy.

Come to the Rock, the firm foundation!

Drink deeply of grace, poured out freely.

Confident hope is yours.

Victory is yours.

Because the Rock is secure.

The Rock is faithful.

The Rock has fulfilled the Creator’s heart

Restoring life

Where death ran rampant.

Abundant Life, despite the sinking sand.

Come to the Rock, the firm foundation!

Taste and see that He is good.

Rest. Be still and alert,

Watch and wait:

The eternal destruction

of the sinking sand

draws near…

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