• Abundant Life

    He Restores My Soul

    The law of the LORD is perfect, restoring the soul. -Psalm 19:7a I love it when Scriptures intermingle to create a perfect picture, a visual that just makes sense! I’ve been coming back to the classic psalm lately – 23…

  • Poetry

    A Holy Moment for a Heavy Heart

    The silent scream vibrates off my larynxThe earth shakesBut no one seesNo one hears AloneThe stubborn staccato of my heartbeat betrays meAnd unvoiced anguish spills over Puddles of salty disgraceLittering the table top as I sitAnd tremble I look for…

  • Abundant Life,  Poetry

    The Peculiar Sword

    The sky is a blanket of cotton candy cloudsSparkling with specks of sunshineAs I break forth The shale path crunches beneath my feetRude red rocks pilfering the melody of mountain chickadeesI continue ahead My hands tense and twitch, the torment…

  • Sinking Sand

    Sinking Sand

    The sinking sand surrounds Sweeping away the souls of many Carrying them Down Down Down In a torrent of fear and despair. Yet I look up And I hear the cry from heaven: Oh you of little faith! Turn your…

  • Scripture Study

    Digging into Colossians: Chapter Four

    Ready to dig through this last chapter with me? Let’s start by reading through chapter four here. Three main points came to mind: Prayer Changes Things Live Wisely Remember My Chains Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and…

  • Abundant Life

    From Where Does Our Hope Come?

    This morning I had a choice to make. After reading the news updates on new Covid restrictions in place, I could: A) sink into despair and discouragement, or B) stand on the truth, in and despite the feelings B Sounds…

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