• Poetry

    She Stands

    She standsSinging the new song within her heartHearing the Word, alive and active,Calling her on in steadfastnessAnd truth She standsHumming the rhythms of heavenPulsing with confident assuranceFastening her armor, and wieldingHer sword She seesPillow-y clouds turn thick and greyWind-tickled trees…

  • Watchman Reflections

    The Truth About Anxiety

    Despite our best intentions, we all get caught up in anxiety from time to time. Recently I wrote a blog post about worshiping worry, which you can find here. Today, though, I want to share more about this popularized topic and…

  • Watchman Reflections

    Worshiping Worry

    “My anxiety is acting up again.” “Wait, what?? Your anxiety? Aren’t you a Christian?” “Yeah, but I can still be a Christian and have anxiety issues.” Dear Friends, We are told over and over again in Scripture not to be anxious, not to be afraid, but…

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