• Abundant Life

    The Overcomers

    What would it look like to lay all your treasures down—your securities that hide your insecurities—and live from a place of outright trust; in complete confidence?

  • Abundant Life,  Poetry

    Cast Your Burden

    Cast your burden on the LORD,and he will sustain you;he will never permitthe righteous to be moved. – Psalm 55:22 ESV What does it mean—cast your cares on the Lord? Give them away? But they’re not tangible. How do I…

  • Abundant Life,  Poetry

    The Tears Fall

    The tears fall Drops of sorrow, leaking from my heart. The tears fall Joy uncontained, overflowing from my heart. The tears fall And try as I may to reconcile Their audacious presence I succumb. Can I rest therein, believing every…

  • Abundant Life

    The Goodness of Agony

    No one likes to suffer. Agony isn’t very welcome, now is it! Jesus cried out in prayer before His impending suffering and death, “Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me.” But as I reflect on Good Friday,…

  • Sinking Sand

    Sinking Sand

    The sinking sand surrounds Sweeping away the souls of many Carrying them Down Down Down In a torrent of fear and despair. Yet I look up And I hear the cry from heaven: Oh you of little faith! Turn your…

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