• Poetry

    The Eye of the Storm

    The pauseAn eerie calm heralding hopeOf normalcy The vigorAn absence of fear and pursuitOf fun The eye of the storm has ensconcedBut do not be fooled! Waves of havoc are waiting in the windReady to steal, kill, and destroyWith a…

  • Poetry

    The Watchman’s Cry

    In Ezekial 33:1-9, we read of the prophet as a watchman over Israel. God sets the stage for observation of and deliverance from evil at the hand of one stationed in truth, eyes open, and voice ready to cry out.

  • Watchman Reflections

    Pursuing Glory: A Rebuttal

    It’s Holy Week, and my jaw dropped when I read an article posted in Christianity today on April 1, 2021 (Good Friday) titled “Jesus Was the God-Man, Not the God-Superman.” (Read it here to follow along with the information I’ll…

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