• Poetry

    The Waiting

    Resting in the shade of the gardenI’ve come with a burden so great But here, as I lay it all down at the cross On the Lord I will patientlyWait… Sitting upright under the crab apple treeI question how joy…

  • Poetry

    She Stands

    She standsSinging the new song within her heartHearing the Word, alive and active,Calling her on in steadfastnessAnd truth She standsHumming the rhythms of heavenPulsing with confident assuranceFastening her armor, and wieldingHer sword She seesPillow-y clouds turn thick and greyWind-tickled trees…

  • Poetry

    The Watchman’s Cry

    In Ezekial 33:1-9, we read of the prophet as a watchman over Israel. God sets the stage for observation of and deliverance from evil at the hand of one stationed in truth, eyes open, and voice ready to cry out.

  • Where's Your Line?
    Watchman Reflections

    Where’s Your Line?

    A Response to “Don’t Call it Persecution” posted by EBC Nipawin’s Pastor Chris Hutchison February 20, 2021 (found here) I’ll admit it: when I read Chris Hutchison’s article, I felt sick to my stomach. Have I been looking at this…

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