• Poetry

    A Holy Moment for a Heavy Heart

    The silent scream vibrates off my larynxThe earth shakesBut no one seesNo one hears AloneThe stubborn staccato of my heartbeat betrays meAnd unvoiced anguish spills over Puddles of salty disgraceLittering the table top as I sitAnd tremble I look for…

  • Poetry

    What If It Wins?

    She shuts her eyesSo tired of the fight The lie keeps crashingLike a wave, beating against her heart What if it wins? What if her firm-footed stanceWon’t hold? She shudders So real, so trueSo it seems The tears fallShe can’t…

  • Poetry

    The Eye of the Storm

    The pauseAn eerie calm heralding hopeOf normalcy The vigorAn absence of fear and pursuitOf fun The eye of the storm has ensconcedBut do not be fooled! Waves of havoc are waiting in the windReady to steal, kill, and destroyWith a…

  • Poetry

    When the Tears Stall

    Staring off into space, alone at lastI wonder why I feel this way, heavy and overcastSometimes I’m soaring on wings of graceSometimes I’m sunk in the mire My Deliverance is but a breath awayYet I sitAnd waitExpecting moreLike thunder and…

  • Abundant Life,  Poetry

    The Peculiar Sword

    The sky is a blanket of cotton candy cloudsSparkling with specks of sunshineAs I break forth The shale path crunches beneath my feetRude red rocks pilfering the melody of mountain chickadeesI continue ahead My hands tense and twitch, the torment…

  • Abundant Life

    The Overcomers

    What would it look like to lay all your treasures down—your securities that hide your insecurities—and live from a place of outright trust; in complete confidence?