The Eye of the Storm

The pause
An eerie calm heralding hope
Of normalcy

The vigor
An absence of fear and pursuit
Of fun

The eye of the storm has ensconced
But do not be fooled!

Waves of havoc are waiting in the wind
Ready to steal, kill, and destroy
With a blood-thirsty lust
Unimagined by hearts unwilling to see beyond the veil

I tread the tranquil moment
Here in the eye of the storm
Grateful for rest

But I will not indulge the drunken stupor of glee
Because I know
Because alertness beckons me to look past the peaceful serenade

The delusion
The deception

The eye of the storm is no time to tarry
In triumphant bliss

This world is not my home

I breathe deeply of grace
Revived by still waters
Strengthened for the trek ahead

Even in the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil

Comfort and council
Light and truth
Hope and help
And overwhelming victory are mine
In Christ

Confident assurance springs forth
Chirping untainted melodies of heaven
As I ready my soul to press on

Fighting the good fight
Patiently awaiting the promise

Yes, even here
Even now
In the eye of the storm

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