Abundant Life,  Poetry

The Messenger

As I lay my head down to rest at night, sleep is still a long way off. Heaviness defines me and tears fall as I reflect on the fear and ugliness impacting our world.

I pray, trusting my pain to the only one capable of taking and transforming it to good. There, in that quiet moment while surrounded by steady, peaceful snores, I settle my fears. I settle my anxious heart. And declare my stand. My hope remains the same. His mercies are new every morning and will sustain me as I trek forward.

I am His Messenger. He is faithful to complete the work He began in me. So sleep will come, and also a brand new day. And with the brand new day, Hope! Purpose! Strength!

Arise, Messengers! Be blessed and encouraged with these words I penned…

The Messenger approaches:

Heart overflowing with the

Good News of Great Joy for all ears to hear.

Throat parched, legs weak from the journey —

Physically, her body cries out for sustenance and rest.

Inwardly, her spirit clings to the Promise:

Alive in this Hope she’s found, she thirsts no more.

Weakness defines her;

Prone to earthly cravings, tears and pain.

Yet, she stands tall.

Walking as one truly free, defined by the One who made her

Whole. New. Alive.

So she presses on.

Her goal, her prize, lie just beyond the horizon

And beckon her to persevere the storm.

She proclaims peace beyond chaos,

Joy beyond sorrow,

Hope beyond despair,

And Life beyond death…

Found in receiving, submitting, and knowing

The Lover of our Souls.

The One who defeated Sin and the Grave, who bought our freedom.

Who waits with open arms, welcoming us into His rest.

The Messenger is here.

Do you see her?

Washing another’s feet. Binding wounds of the brokenhearted.

Do you hear her?

Defending the oppressed. Declaring truth in a haze of lies.

Are you her?

The world needs the Message…

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