Abundant Life,  Poetry

The Peculiar Sword

The sky is a blanket of cotton candy clouds
Sparkling with specks of sunshine
As I break forth

The shale path crunches beneath my feet
Rude red rocks pilfering the melody of mountain chickadees
I continue ahead

My hands tense and twitch, the torment grows
As my mind wanders and regurgitates filthy dross I’ve not yet tossed aside
I can see it now

The war rages in a realm beyond myself
Fiery darts flicker and flame, forsaking the seeming serenity I’d walked in seconds ago
I can’t breathe

Billowing smoke spews falsehoods
I sputter and strain, scanning the surroundings
I know he’s here, he has to be
My Prince of Peace

The shrill cry of tormented sojourners sends shivers up my spine
They’ve lost Him too, it seems
The chaos continues to suffocate joy and trample
Faith, hope, and love

The toxic fog grows, gnarling knots of hopelessness
Crafting a pervasive tone of death that’s surely imminent

I sit in this sorrowful state

My Prince of Peace spoke life into my veins
His blood cleansed my sin-stained heart
Where could he be?

This world is destined for destruction
It won’t be long till evil arrows pierce poison
That fester and reek and work wells into wastelands

I can’t help but wonder as the tears freely fall
Will faith-filled hearts still exist come Spring?

And then I hear him
His words once spoken with a boldness that moved mountains
My heart flutters and flips
Then settles into a steady, secure rhythm

“I am the light of the world. He who follows me
Shall not walk in darkness but have the light of life.”

And again

“He who believes in me, as the Scripture has said
Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”

Lord I believe
But help my unbelief!

My Prince of Peace
You always carried a peculiar sword

A double-edged divider of soul and spirit
Still scorned and scoffed by unyielding hearts

Peace! Peace! The promise prospers apart from pain

But your peace, your promised peace
Was not of this world

I rise up
Wounded but refreshed
Worn yet renewed
Now with sturdy steps

Your peace passes understanding
And you gifted me your sword
Your peculiar sword

Why do I wander, not wielding it?
Why do I cede soil meant for abundance
To thieves?

Fear! For real?
Perfect love casts out fear!

Your righteousness wars against all that terrifies me
Your truth sets me free

I can hear the chorus of heaven heralding hope and deliverance
I sing along – it is well with my soul

Your peculiar sword judged all that was ill within me
Anxiety and angst fled at the thunder of your words of life

I keep walking, eyes set on glory
Heart surrendered to your truth
Confident cries resound from within

No weapon formed against me will prosper
And every tongue rising against me in judgement I will refute

It is for freedom I’m set free
I nod in agreement and breathe deeply of grace
Like living water for my satiated soul

The sky is a blanket of cotton candy clouds
Sparkling with specks of sunshine
As I break forth

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