The Waiting

Resting in the shade of the garden
I’ve come with a burden so great
But here, as I lay it all down at the cross

On the Lord
I will patiently

Sitting upright under the crab apple tree
I question how joy is made full
When sorrows keep multiplying, endlessly
And exhaustion still stifles my soul

The breeze tastes like life to my spirit
As I stare up at the clouds in the sky
Exhaling toxic waste from my lungs
A lone sparrow comes fluttering by

He lands in the bush just beside me
And chirps a delightful hello
I smile and thank God for His goodness

As His Word
Comes alive
In my soul…

Rejoicing’s a choice, I remember
The shift feels awkward and bleak
But I ask Him, my Savior, Redeemer, and Friend
To help with my unbelief

I start with a stuttering whisper
Speaking Scripture, because it is Truth
Believing emotions will follow suit later
My voice grows more resolute

A sacrifice of praise is just that —
An offering of effort, where my will takes a knee
It’s a heavenly trade where God’s glory’s displayed
Through clay vessels, for all to see

Standing in grace my hope is set firmly
On the glory of God through His Son
I’m a pilgrim on a long winding journey
Awaiting my heavenly home

Tearful, I ask Him to wash me
Cleanse this heart so prone to sin’s stain
As I choose to abide I know He will provide
And strengthen my feeble frame

A firm-footed life on the Rock
Is unshakeable in any storm
His Word is a lamp, a light, the hope
That shatters the bitter, earthly norm

No one said the narrow road would be easy
No one walking by might will succeed
But a sojourner’s a new creation
God’s Spirit within we must heed

Step by step as I cling to the Promise
He will faithfully answer my prayer
Bringing comfort and peace, and most of all joy
To victoriously overcome any snare

So I rise from my rest in the garden
Bidding the sparrow adieu
He continues his song and my heart hums along

Walking by faith
Not by sight
I’m renewed…


  • RuthScott

    Sara this was beautiful!! I’m going to pass it on to a relative who is struggling with his faith. He loves poetry and I believe this will strengthen him. Thank you for sharing from your heart. You are like a drink offering, poured out for so many. May God’s bless you and yours abundantly!! Ruth xo

    • sarakennerley

      Aww Thank you so much precious Sister! I pray it is a blessing to his heart and fuels his faith. I’ve got more faith-filled poetry on the blog here too, if you search by the category “poetry” and “scripture poetry”. Or I can send you some later today. Blessings!

  • Ruth Scott

    Hi Sara, I just passed your blog onto a friend who is not a believer but is seeking. I love that your poetry will touch your heart. I love that you’re true heart and genuine care for people shows through your writing, it’s beautiful and so are you!! I honestly feel that your work will bring many to a saving knowledge of Jesus. Please pray for my family and friends, that they would be saved as well. You’re doing a great work sweetie! Lots of love and blessings, Ruth XOX

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