Wrestling with God
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Wrestling with God

What does it look like for a Christian to wrestle with God or with the things of God?

Life is hard, and when we can’t understand the Bible to glean from it’s riches, we feel frustrated and are often prone to toss it aside and give up. But what if, instead, we wrestled with it? What if we made it our mission to “Not give up until God blesses us” with eyes to see?

In James we are told that if anyone lacks wisdom he should ask God who gives favorably to all without reproach.

But, James also adds that when we ask, we should not doubt, for those that doubt are double-minded, prone to be tossed like the waves on the sea, and will not receive anything from the Lord.

I was thinking about the story of Jacob recently, where he wrestled with God. I laughed with a friend because the end result of the wrestle ended with a broken hip. Ouch! But what was the reward?
Jacob received a new name, and a huge, life-changing blessing!

Was the broken hip worth it?

I would like to think that wrestling with God is a good thing. Even the call to “crucify our flesh” incites a painful altercation.

Our flesh-responses and our limited understanding need to be flogged, broken, and hung on a tree before we will walk in freedom and victory.


But to leave the scene of the struggle with eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart that’s humble enough to follow—that’s more precious than any luxury or ease this world could afford.

Do you have unanswered questions? Do you fear the idea of wrestling with God?

What if, instead of fearing the struggle, you approach the Throne of Grace with confidence, and engage in the wrestling that needs to take place for you to take hold of your freedom in Christ?

Get down. Get dirty. Wrestle all night if you need.
He who promised is faithful. Freedom awaits. Blessing awaits.

Jacob went on to live, broken hip and all, as the Father of Israel. Certainly the Lord blessed him beyond his wildest dreams.

This year, I want to live with an undivided heart, an undivided mind. I want to trust even when my eyes can’t see. I want to wrestle until I receive the blessing of confident assurance and God’s Word made alive within me.

Won’t you join me?

Ding Ding Ding.

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